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Answering Your Raiders Questions: Post-June 1, Call me Mr., and More

Each week, we take your questions on the Las Vegas Raiders and answer them, and with the season over, you had plenty of them.

HENDERSON, Nev.--The Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base, hungry for wins and success. Each week we take time to answer your emails and questions about your beloved Silver and Black, so let's get right to it.

--Uncle Hondo, do you think we will see some action after the June 1, cuts? Kyle W.

For sure. The Raiders are not done. Dave Ziegler will constantly, 12 months per year be toying like a mad scientist with this roster.

--Hi Hondo, First of all, thank you for your quick and honest reports. Every day I look for an update from you. Question: Now that the schedule was released, most media gives the Raiders 8.5 wins. I think is way low, what do you think? Thanks, Nathan from LA

I appreciate your kind words, Nathan. First, I always predict every season what I think is the floor for wins and the ceiling. I then make a prediction in the middle. YOU CAN READ MY GAME-BY-GAME PREDICTIONS WHEN YOU CLICK HERE. Mark Davis told me personally that this team was not rebuilding. The actions of Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels confirm that. Ten wins is what they had last year. To me, this team has a floor of 10 wins, and a regular-season ceiling of 13 wins. As you can see from the aforementioned article, to me this team gets to 12 wins.

--Hondiggity Do, love listening to you on Raider Nation Radio. You said last week that you didn’t see Bryan Edwards as a starter. You seemed like you knew more, but you held back. Did you know about the trade? Super work Unc, T in Cali

Thank you, T. I knew that they weren’t excited about him and that they were kicking a lot of tires. So, did I know about that specific trade? No. Did I know they wanted to move on? Yes.

--Hondo, you have me drinking the Silver and Black Kool-Aid, distributed by Dave Ziegler. It seems like every day you are pointing out things he is doing. Was he the biggest offseason acquisition? Thank you, Chris R. P.S. I am bringing my son to Las Vegas for a game this year. He turns 16, and he is your biggest fan? Maybe we could meet you and get a picture that weekend?

Chris, I would be humbled and honored to meet your son and take a picture. As far as Ziegler, he and Josh have been the biggest offseason additions. Remember that without McDaniels there is no Ziegler and without Ziegler, the Raiders were not getting McDaniels. They were a package deal and they have both done a terrific job.

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And lastly, to show I am being fair, I leave you with these two:

--Uncle Hondo, without a doubt you are the best Raider media guy. Dude you are legit, and the only person I trust. Keep up the great work, you are the man. Stan H. Ohio

That is very kind. I appreciate your reading, watching, and listening, and I hope to earn that loyalty every day.

--Fat ass, eat another Twinkie and die. I have everything you do. You know my Raiders ain’t winning twelve games so you write that (excrement) to get everyone hype, so we get heartbroken. (Not Faith) off! Hope you die (Richard). Scott Robinson

OK Scott, bring it in. Time for a group hug. I got some homemade beef jerky? Think about it? Think about it? Come on Scott, when is the last time you saw a guy eating homemade beef jerky who wasn’t happy? Oh, and by the way, it is Mr. Fat Ass to you.

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