Jared Goff Ranked as No. 32 Best Player in the NFL Top 100


Add another one to the list; Jared Goff has been named the 32nd best player in the NFL Top 100. 

Ahead of the 100th season of the league, the NFL is ranking the top 100 players who are still taking the field today. On Sunday night, it was revealed that the Los Angeles Rams quarterback is respectably high up one the board, where he is the fourth Ram selected. 

Safety Eric Weddle kicked off the list at No. 100, OL Andrew Whitworth came in at No. 91, and WR Robert Woods moved up to No. 76.

Goff, however, is understandably higher on the list. After three seasons in the league, the former No. 1 overall pick has seen his career flourish under new coach Sean McVay, and their beneficial partnership is not expected to take a downward turn any time soon. 

With 30 spots left to play with, it will be interesting to see not if, but when more Rams are put on the list. We can think of at least two who belong right up near the top.