Rams to Start Pair of Joint Practices with Oakland Raiders on Wednesday


The Los Angeles Rams don't seem to enjoy playing by themselves too much. 

That's why on Wednesday, they will travel to Napa, CA., to meet up with the Oakland Raiders for a pair of joint practices ahead of Saturday's preseason game between the two. 

The Rams just wrapped up a pair of joint practices this past weekend with the Los Angeles Chargers. 

As Rams head coach Sean McVay has noted in the past, it ups the energy level for both teams when you get a chance to hit some players other than your own teammates. The dog days of camp, and the monotony of "eat, sleep, meet, treat" can wear on young players, so a change can give a boost to everyone involved. 

“I think they’re excited,” said Raiders coach Jon Gruden, via Raiders.com. “I think anybody would be excited to break the monotony a little bit. Hit somebody else, see a different scheme and play some situations, see what we’ve learned.”

McVay is flipping the script on NFL practices once again, and joint-sessions with rival teams are a main component of the strategy. In 2019, we'll have to see if it works.