The Rams are Preparing for a Rough Stretch of Travel Coming Up


The Los Angeles Rams training camp came and went rather quickly, but now it is really time for them to get down to business. 

While the Rams spent just a week at the UC Irvine campus participating in a couple of joint practices with the Los Angeles Chargers, they will now get ready to travel to Napa, and then Hawaii, for the rest of their preseason work. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, Sean McVay and his team will travel to Napa for two joint practices with the Oakland Raiders. On Saturday night, they will play their first preseason game of the year vs. the Raiders.

Afterward, they will travel to Hawaii for a "home" preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys on August 17th. The team has not yet released when they will be leaving for the white sandy beaches, but one could assume it's a few days before the game. 

Preseason Week 3 will be held at home for the Rams, with the Denver Broncos rolling into town on August 24. A final jaunt to Houston will take place at the end of the month, and LA will play the Texans on the 29th. 

After racking up the miles in preseason already, the Rams kick off the regular season on September 8th with a 1 pm ET game in Charlotte, against the Carolina Panthers. According to Pro Football Reference, the Rams will travel a total of 22,184 miles this season, which doesn't include their preseason travel. 

Better hope that private plane has an abundance of legroom.