Brandon Carr Is Ravens 2019 Ed Block Award Winner

Todd Karpovich

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Cornerback Brandon Carr is the Ravens 2019 recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, which is presented to the player who exemplifies a commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.

The award also recognizing a player’s efforts on the field and his ability to overcome adversity.

Carr has made 188 consecutive starts, the longest active streak among NFL defensive players.

Ed Block was the Head Athletic Trainer of the Baltimore Colts from 1954-1977. He was asked to join the team by the legendary coach Weeb Ewbank in 1954 and cared for the team’s legendary players of the Colts’ glory years of the 50s, 60s and 70s. He was inducted in the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Hall of Fame in 1974.

"This is truly an honor and a blessing to receive this award. I receive this award in stride," Carr said. "Mr. Ed Block, everything he stood for, is pretty much the foundation that was laid for me at a very young age and allowed me to utilize this platform in a positive way, [to] continue on the legacy of my supporters and my loved ones, my mother, and my upbringing, as far as all my mentors, and my father, as well. 

"But also, thank you to the Ravens organization for just being heavily active in the community each and every week, throughout the offseason, as well, and going to those tough places and rolling their sleeves up and making a difference."

Carr is the founder of the Carr Cares Foundation, which was launched in in 2012 to improve child literacy around the country. The foundation also encourages children to lead healthy lifestyles through nutrition and physical fitness. Carr has opened reading centers in his hometown of Flint, Mich.

This season, Carr is donating $12,500 per game to fund free screenings and diagnostic mammograms through the National Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of his mother who died from the disease. 

"In the midst of everything that’s going on in the football season, you still find a way to recognize the guys off the field doing a lot of great things," Carr said. "It’s a lot of guys, so thank you all. I guess it kind of sums it all up – it’s all about team. It’s not I, it’s not you; it’s we. All of us together, doing your job, doing my job – and the ones that come before us, such as Mr. Ed Block, paving the way. 

"Hopefully, we can continue to set the precedent for what it means to be an athlete, both on and off the field, and what it is to be media and to do your job in a respectable way so that we can motivate the next generation to continue to do more and more than we’ve done. So, thank you all. [This is a] great honor. If you want to talk football, we can get into it right now.”