NFL Teams Will Have to Get Creative with Workouts, Meetings

Todd Karpovich

The NFL offseason is unlike any other in the history of the league.

The onslaught of COVID-19 has restricted travel and will inevitably cut into OTAs and rookie minicamps.

As a result, teams might have to get creative with how they interact with their players. 

Technology could play a key role.

Derek Wolfe recently signed with the Ravens as a free agent from the Denver Broncos. He conceded it will be an initial challenge getting acclimated to his new team with the ongoing challenges, but he's confident about learning the playbook and schemes. 

"I think the offseason program is big. It's big for building that team continuity," Wolfe said. But, at the end of the day, we're all grown men, and I think that we have a roster that's full of guys who have been around and have played in the league long enough that they know how ... All we really need is two weeks of training camp, and I think that we're going to mesh and gel really well. And we can start to do Zoom meetings and Zoom workouts and stuff like that, and I think that you don't have to be in-person to get to know somebody, to get to know what somebody's about. 

"Now, we've all seen film on each other around the league, so we know what kind of players we are. I think that there are a lot worse things that are going on around the country right now. I'm not so worried about us not being able to do an offseason program. I think that as long as we can get a two-week training camp done, I think we'll be just fine.”