Full Circle: Lamar Jackson Got His First Career Start Against Bengals

Todd Karpovich

The Lamar Jackson era officially began in Baltimore with an impressive performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 11 last season.

The then-rookie quarterback produced 269 yards of total offense (150 passing, 119 rushing) in the Ravens 24-21 victory. 

Jackson then led the Ravens to wins in five of the next six games en route to a 10-6 finish and the AFC North championship. 

When asked if he had any fond memories of that game, Jackson was not in the mood to reminisce. 

It has no impact on this week's matchup. 

"I remember us winning the game. That was pretty cool," Jackson said. "This year, [I want] the same result. That’s all I need to remember.”

Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman has seen Jackson make tremendous strides since that game. 

Jackson had thrown for 1,271 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions (99.1 rating). He has also run for 308 yards with a touchdown.   

“Really just overall. I think you prepare for the first couple games throughout the offseason, and then week-to-week there's always different defensive challenges," Roman said. "You're playing against a 3-4 [defense], you're playing against a 4-3 [defense], you're playing against bump-and-run man [coverage], you're playing against all-out blitz, you're playing against Cover 1 press with a safety in the middle of the field, Cover 2, etc., etc. So, just working through the multiplicity of what he's seeing week-to-week is definitely an experience, and I think he's definitely working through that. 

"And really, when you look at him, he hasn't played a full season yet as a starter, so it's great experience for him, just all the different looks you get to see and whatever the defense might present you.”

Jackson is looking to keep the Bengals winless and the Ravens atop the division this week. 

"Just take advantage of what the defense gives us, try to execute, and big plays will happen," he said.