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John Harbaugh Has Harsh Words for 'Anonymous Coordinator'

Coach defends QB.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn't mince words when asked about the "anonymous coordinator" who criticized quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

“I mean, he’s been hearing the same thing since he was probably in junior high. I know he heard it in college; I know he heard it through the Draft," Harbaugh said. "I know he hears some of the same people saying the same things they said in the Draft, [and] that keeps coming up. 

"I don’t know who this guy named ‘Anonymous’ is. I haven’t met him yet. So, I don’t even know why we report on what he has to say. But it is what it is. It’s just bologna; it’s just nothing; it’s a big nothing burger.”

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Harbaugh was defending Jackson from a harsh critique from the defensive coordinator who spoke to The Athletic.

It was typical of the criticism Jackson has heard over his career. 

Nonetheless, Jackson has already etched his name in the NFL history books in just his fourth year. He has also shown that he can win a playoff game.

“If he has to pass to win the game, they ain’t winning the game,” the coordinator said. “He’s so unique as an athlete and he’s really a good football player, but I don’t (care) if he wins the league MVP 12 times, I don’t think he’ll ever be a 1 as a quarterback. He’ll be a 1 as a football player, but not as a quarterback.

"So many games come down to two-minute, and that is why they have a hard time advancing even when they are good on defense. Playoffs are tight. You have to be able to throw the ball, and he is just so inconsistent throwing the ball. It is hit or miss.”