Harbaugh OK With Lamar Jackson's Carries

Todd Karpovich

Lamar Jackson tied teammate Robert Griffin III as the fastest quarterbacks in league history to reach 1,000 career rushing yards.

Jackson has 1,003 yards rushing in 21 career games entering the Ravens' Week 6 matchup against the Bengals.

The goal this season was for Jackson to throw more and run less to avoid injuries.

So far, he has completed 112 of 168 pass attempts for 1,258 yards with six touchdowns and four interceptions. Jackson has carried the ball 50 times for 308 yards with a touchdown.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is okay with that balance. He also likes the way Jackson has stayed out of harm's way by sliding or getting otut of bounds when he runs. 

"He's done a good job of that," Harbaugh said. "If you watch the game, he's really good at it, and he's also very dangerous with the ball in his hands, and his runs really factored into the game big time. They have for a few games this year. So, it's one of our weapons, and we're not trying not to use our weapons.”

Perhaps more concerning is the 15 sacks Jackson has taken while in the pocket. He might need to make some adjustments to get rid of the ball quicker. 

Overall, Harbaugh has been pleased with overall play of Jackson and the offensive line.

"Our offensive line really is blocking well, but there are times when we get beat," he said. "[When] you go against that [Pittsburgh] front, you’re going to get beat one-on-one every now and then. You just have to recognize that. That’s the best front we’ve played so far this year. They’re very physical. And that game, this game, is what brings out the best in both teams, especially both fronts on both sides. Our offensive line played very well. 

"I thought their defensive front played very well. That’s what we were dealing with, and that’s just the way it went. Lamar [Jackson], if you want to talk about Lamar, in many ways, he won the game for us. A lot of guys did. A lot of guys made plays, and Lamar definitely did his part. So, you’d have to say that he played very well, but Lamar is going to tell you that he needs to play a lot better, and there are so many things that he can learn from that game."