Lamar Jackson focused on two areas of improvement


Have teams figured out Lamar Jackson?

That's a question pondered by his private quarterback coach Joshua Harris. 

Defenses have found some modicum of success making Jackson throw outside the hash marks or attempt deep passes downfield. 

The goal this offseason is to improve both of those areas, according to Harris. 

"The great thing about Lamar is he's a hard worker, he's humble and he's taken constructive criticism," Harris said on the Vinny & Haynie show on 105.7 in Baltimore. "He's coachable. He's listening to what I'm saying. He's practicing that and the good thing is he can see the results. So, now it's just him trying to perfect it.

"The biggest thing is 'let's keep improving, let's see what defenses try to throw at you in your offense, and now let's be ready to combat that and just continue to evolve our game.' Just become a better mental quarterback and understand what defenses are doing."

Harris has worked with Jackson extensively over the years and led his pro-day throwing drills preceding the 2018 NFL Draft. The two are working together again this offseason as the restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic allow. 

"He just has to drive the ball more on the outside the numbers [throws]. He needs to get his lower body more involved in those throws," Harris said. "It's a blessing and a curse to be as talented as he is with that flick of the wrist. A lot of times on those out routes, you're trying to get it out quickly, so you see it and then you throw it. What I'm trying to show him is you have to drive that ball and that's getting your lower half involved because if that out route becomes all arm, [the ball] may flutter."

Jackson has also been working with several Ravens receivers in Florida. Harris has been impressed with their progress. 

The key for Jackson is staying in the same rhythm with all of his pass-catchers and hitting on those big plays downfield. 

"The great thing about having these guys here is we're also getting that timing down," Harris said. "The receivers are looking good. They're hard workers."


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