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Lamar Jackson Laments Lack of Team Bonding, Could Have Led to Shortfalls

Ravens QB tried to explain lackluster season.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson contends the lack of team bonding contributed to the team's struggles this season. 

Baltimore might need a more unified front this year. 

"We had everything else, but we didn’t really have that team bonding," Jackson said. "Coming out [of] the building, we’re going home and stuff like that. I feel like we need to bond more, and it’ll take a toll over on the season – the football life.”

The Ravens were plagued with injuries and issues with COVID-19. There were also protocols with social distancing, so it was a challenge for the players to find time to bond

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Baltimore finished 8-9 and missed the playoffs for the first time in four years.

The team is already undergoing change with coach John Harbaugh parting ways with defensive coordinator Don Martindale. 

Jackson, who missed five games with an illness and ankle injury, is determined to have a better season in 2022. 

“I care about our season, what happened, but I don’t care, because it’s over with now. I’ve got to worry about getting better [for] this season coming up now – getting our guys right so we can see things happening before it happens, beating everybody to the punch against us," Jackson said. "[I’ll be] just trying to get my guys, all of us, one unit, together this offseason – not just the receivers and tight ends; offensive line and all. We’ll just try to get those guys, all in one unit, to be together so we can have real team bonding, and we can start fresh, I’ll say, to this upcoming season, because I feel like we didn’t have that throughout the season.