Ravens-Bills: What We Learned

Todd Karpovich

The Script Has Flipped

After the Ravens dismantled several opponents this season, the defense has been the difference over the past two games. Baltimore sacked Josh Allen six times. The Ravens were also able to overcome several questionable calls that helped the Bills extends drives. "The pass rush was relentless," Harbaugh said. Baltimore is an even more dangerous team with defense at playing such a high level.

Jackson Can Manage A Game

Both the Bills and 49ers were mostly effective containing Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Nonetheless, he found a way to win. Jackson ran for 40 yards on 11 carries against Buffalo. He also completed 16 of 25 passes for 145 yards with three touchdowns and his first interception on a tipped pass since Week 5 against Pittsburgh. There weren't many spectacular plays, but he showed his maturity by not taking any unnecessary chances and leading his team to a victory. 

Keep Up the Pressure

Even though the Ravens clinched a playoff spot, don't look for them to finish the season conservatively.  Baltimore wants to hold onto that top seed in the AFC playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The current nine-game winning streak is the best in franchise history and this group of players want to keep that rolling through the playoffs. 

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Ball control, and Lamar is really good at it