Ravens Had 'Great' Season, 'Disappointing' End

Todd Karpovich

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — It's been admittedly a tough time at the Ravens practice facility. 

Almost a week after the playoff loss to the Titans, the coaches and players still had a sense of disappointment.

However, coach John Harbaugh was proud of how his team played during the regular when they set a franchise record with 14 wins. The Ravens also set the NFL's single-season rushing record and had won 12 straight games before bowing out to Tennessee. 

"We had a great season, but we had a disappointing end," Harbaugh said. "I felt like we were the best team – I said this after the game – we were the best team we could be this season. All things considered, where we were at, with our team, with our roster, with our youth, with our experience, all the things that we had, with our coaches, we were the best team during the season that we could be. But, we weren’t our best in that playoff game, and that was disappointing. That hurts a little bit, to say the least."

Harbaugh did not pinpoint one single factor for losing to the Titans. Instead, he chalked it up to his players just not performing at the level they had competed for much of the season. Harbaugh also credited the Titans for playing better football on that night.  

"That’s a really good football team," Harbaugh said about Tennessee. "That’s a team that went to New England and Baltimore in the playoffs and won. That’s a team that beat Kansas City already this year. And they’re hot, they’re playing their best football when it means the most – we know how that feels. We were there in ’12. We know what that’s like. So, I’m impressed with those guys and what they did, and I think it’s worth mentioning. With that, I’ll leave it open to questions, whatever you have.”

Harbaugh fully expects to back in the playoff hunt next. However, the disappointment from this past season will linger a bit longer.