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Ravens Hall-of-Famer Ed Reed Wants Lamar Jackson to Take Fewer Hits

Jackson having MVP-caliber season.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens Hall-of-Famer Ed Reed wants Lamar Jackson to have a long career with numerous championships.

That means Jackson will have to take fewer hits.

"I want Lamar to play 20 years as Tom Brady is," Reed said on The Ringer's "Slow News Day." "I don't want to see Lamar get a catastrophic injury like the running quarterbacks of our past."

Jackson has been sacked 21 times this season. He has also taken several late hits and has dealt with a sore back.

Still, Jackson has not missed a game and has thrown for 1,943 yards with 10 touchdowns and five interceptions. He also leads the team with 480 yards rushing with another two scores.

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Reed wants to see Jackson alter his style of play to take less abuse.

"I want him to win a championship before he becomes like Cam Newton," Reed said. "As big as Cam was, those hits affected Cam. Those hits caught up with him. That affects your throwing. A quarterback has to throw the ball. I always said this and I stand on it: Great quarterbacks don't take hits."

Reed has also heard the constant criticism surrounding Jackson, who has brushed off the naysayers. 

Reed has to deal with the extra scrutiny as a Black quarterback. 

"Black quarterbacks, in general, get criticized harder," Reed said. "So, Lamar has to know that. I'm sure he does. And a quarterback that runs as much as Lamar does is not normal for football fans, so of course, they're going to criticize that, too."