Lamar Jackson Works Out with Fellow Ravens in Florida

Todd Karpovich

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson assembled some teammates for workouts in Florida.

The sessions were a success judging from a video posted on social media by local residents who watched the workouts and even received an autographed ball from Jackson. 

It's difficult to determine which players participated in the workouts. However, Ravens receiver Miles Boykins confirmed there would be several playmakers, including fellow wideout Hollywood Brown, would be available for the sessions. Rookie James Proche can also be seen catching a pass in the video. 

"We just know that, for right now, we just have the plan to go down there and be able to run through some plays on offense and just play football a little bit, get back to what we have fun doing,” Boykin in a Zoom call with the media. 

Jackson and Brown have already had numerous workouts together and they've posted the videos on social media. One of those workouts included Antonio Brown, which caused a stir when that video was posted on social media. 

The Ravens are looking to have a more explosive passing game this season as more opponents try to stack the box and shut down their record-setting running attack.

Jackson is coming off one of the most successful regular seasons by any quarterback in NFL history. He completed 265 of 401 passes for 3,127 yards and an NFL-high 36 touchdowns, which was also a franchise record.

"When they want to load that box up, we want to make them pay for that even more, especially when they load it up with zone coverages," coach John Harbaugh said in a conference call with season ticket holders. "Those corners are going to be one-on-one and those safeties are going to be one-on-one against receivers, especially on some downfield throws. We have to make them pay for that. We absolutely have to make them pay."