Ravens Might Have to Win Final Five Games to Make Postseason

Baltimore has made playoffs the past two seasons.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Despite a three-game losing streak, the Ravens playoff hopes are very much alive.

However, Baltimore (6-5) might have to win its final five games to make the postseason for the third consecutive year.

The challenge starts with the Dallas Cowboys (3-8) on a Tuesday, Dc. 8, matchup at M&T Bank Stadium.

Baltimore is currently ninth in the seven-team playoff format. 

"I think we’re a very resilient, very persistent [and] mentally tough team – and only getting tougher, because of the things that we’re facing, "Ravens coach John Harbaugh. "That remains to be seen, whether we’ll get the job done or not. It’s really not what you talk about; it’s what you do. So, we have to go do it, and we have to start with the Cowboys." 

After the game against the Cowboys, the Ravens play at Cleveland (Dec. 14), Jacksonville (Dec. 20), New York Giants (Dec. 27), and at Cincinnati (Jan. 3).

With the exception of the Browns, none of those teams have a winning record and are combined 10-33-1 (.238). 

“We’re just going to stack one game at a time," safety Chuck Clark said. "The goal every week is to win, so this sucks, but we’re just going to stack one game at a time.” 

Perhaps the biggest game of the season will be against the Browns, who are 8-3 and currently have the fifth spot in the playoffs. The Ravens dominated Cleveland 38-6 in the 2020 regular-season opener, but the Browns are vastly improved. 

Cleveland plays Tennessee (Dec. 6), Baltimore (Dec. 14), New York Giants (Dec. 20), New York Jets (Dec. 27), and undefeated Pittsburgh (Jan. 3) to close out the season. 

"Our only focus is on Dallas right now," Harbaugh said. "All the macro-observations are left for others, including you guys. We just need to focus on getting our preparation right for the upcoming game and play our best football game of the season Tuesday.”