Harbaugh: Ravens have discussed quarantining a player


The Ravens have considered quarantining a key player amid the ongoing challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, according to coach John Harbaugh. 

Some of Baltimore's players that might be considered for quarantine include quarterback Lamar Jackson, kicker Justin Tucker and other players that have underlying conditions, such as Mark Andrews (Type 1 Diabetes) and Calais Campbell (asthma). 

"We’ve talked about it," Harbaugh said. "Sure, those are all options on the table. There are options from … I’m sure the league will continue to talk about those things. ... All those types of moves come with counter issues. There are consequences to everything that you do, and you have to balance all that out the best you can. It’s no different then what the country deals with [and] what the government deals with."

The NFL has implemented strict guidelines to keep the players safe from the coronavirus.  The league has implemented social distancing guidelines and canceled all of the preseason games. 

Harbaugh said teams need to keep a healthy balance in dealing with the challenges. 

"You have to balance things out," Harbaugh said. "You have to use common sense. It’s easy to nitpick and criticize, but one size fits all for every player. For instance, if you were going to quarantine the whole NFL for six months … Yes, if you’re a doctor and say, ‘We want the best chance to keep everybody safe and healthy,’ that would be great, but I kind of want to see my wife at some point in time in the next six months, and she doesn’t have coronavirus, and she’s being safe too. 

"So, you have to live with a certain amount of risk in order to live your life. We don’t want to forfeit all these guys’ lives, and they’re not willing to do it – as I’m sure the players association (NFLPA) would say – and I wouldn’t want them to do it. So, you have to have some balance to everything that we do.”

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Would have to be Lamar or Tucker.