Ravens Sign Two-Way Player Patrick Ricard to Extension

Todd Karpovich

The Baltimore Ravens signed fullback/defensive tackle Patrick Ricard to a two-year extension through the 2021 season.

Ricard, 25, is a rare commodity in the NFL in that he is able to make an impact on both sides of the ball. He was eligible to become a free agent after the season.

"My role is bigger on offense," Ricard said earlier this season. "We have so many great players on defense to where we can just rotate guys and plug in guys that way, and then they know if I’m involved in the offense that much, you won’t be playing on the defense as much, so I’ll only be in certain packages.

"But, I make sure I’m doing everything on defense, because you never know if someone goes down, and they would need me.” 

The 6-foot-3, 303-pound Ricard signed with the Ravens as an undrafted defensive lineman from Maine in 2017. He did not play fullback until he reached the NFL, where he has managed the majority of his snaps with the Ravens.  

On the season, Ricard has 231 snaps on offense, 127 snaps on defense and 78 snaps on special teams.

The Ravens have the league's top-ranked running attack (207.8 yards per game) with Ricard playing a key role in that success with his ability to throw devastating blocks.

Ricard has also caught eight passes for 47 yards with a touchdown this season. He leads all fullbacks in Pro-Bowl voting.  

Financial terms of the extension were not disclosed.