Willie Snead: Lamar Jackson focused on outside throws


Ravens receiver Willie Snead has watched Lamar Jackson evolve as a quarterback over the past two seasons.

He expects Jackson to make even more strides and correct some of his weaknesses. 

“I think his role as a quarterback is going to get better when he’s in the passing game, for sure," Snead said. "He made a lot of great strides last year in the passing game, but I think the outside game is where he really wants to take [it] to the next level; hitting the comebacks, hitting the out-routes, hitting the hooks. 

"Throwing inside is so easy for him. He makes it look fluid, but I know when we were talking this offseason, he wanted to get better at throwing the outside game; hitting the go-balls, stretching the field a lot more. And he has taken pride in that." 

Snead has quietly been one of the Ravens' most consistent and durable receivers. He signed a one-year, $6 million extension with the team in October before becoming eligible for free agency this offseason.

Snead had 31 receptions for 339 yards and a career-high five touchdowns in 2019, helping Baltimore produce the league’s No. 1 scoring offense (33.2 ppg). He was also a key blocker for the record-setting running game.

As Jackson continues to get better as a passer, Snead could get even more opportunities to catch passes. He expects Jackson to make more plays with his arm than feet this season.  

"I think when he starts doing that, people are going to really respect him as a passer, more than a runner, and that’s kind of where he wants to get better at – the passing game – because everybody knows what he can do when he runs," Snead said. "He’s probably the most lethal threat in the NFL when he has the ball in his hands, but throwing the ball, I think he definitely wants to take the next step. 

"And just seeing him in the last couple days, my guy is going to be primed and ready to go.” 

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