Receivers Thriving Under Coach David Culley


John Harbaugh has a long history with David Culley.

The two spent time together in Philadelphia and have a strong relationship.

So, when Harbaugh wanted to add a new wrinkle to his offense, he knew who to call.

Culley was hired in the offseason to serve as the assistant head coach/pass coordinator/wide receivers coach. It's a long title but one that is apt for Culley's experience.

Culley has been working closely with offensive coordinator Greg Roman to shape the Ravens' revamped attack.

“[Culley] is highly respected throughout the league as a teacher, game-planner and motivator," Harbaugh said when he hired Culley. "As Greg and I moved forward with a review and preview of our offense, we both wanted to add the very best coach in this area possible. With David joining us, we have done that. His overall NFL and coaching experience and abilities will help us immensely.”.

Culley replaced Bobby Engram, who now coaches Ravens tight ends, and has been an NFL assistant coach since 1994. Culley was most recently with the Buffalo Bills, where he was quarterbacks coach.

So far, he is happy with the progress of the receivers in Baltimore.

“Great work ethic," Culley said about his group of receivers. "That starts with having Willie Snead here, who is a tremendous, tremendous worker. He’s a great leader. Also, having Mike Floyd here, who has been in the league now for about seven years. Chris Moore has played a little bit around here. He’s been here. They know the ‘Raven Way,’ and those guys have done a great job with our young guys of showing them exactly how we do it here. I’ve also learned that myself.”

The Ravens have not decided whether they will carry five or six receivers on the final 53-man roster. Harbaugh will lean heavily on Culley when the time arrives to make that final decision.

"David Culley, for us to get him is a coup,” Harbaugh said. “It’s something that we’ve been trying to get done here for a number of years, and we finally pulled it off. That’s the kind of coach he is. The thing I would emphasize about Coach Culley, more than anything, is what an amazing teacher and communicator he is.

"He’s probably the best - I would say he’s the best straight-up teacher, communicator, that I’ve seen coaching football one-on-one, not just because he coaches it so well, but because he’s so relentless and he coaches the important things. You can be relentless, but if you’re coaching things that don’t matter, then that’s just a lot of hot air. He’s coaching the things that matter, and you see the guys getting better every day within his position group.”