John Harbaugh managing the hype surrounding 2020 Ravens

Baltimore is a favorite to win the Super Bowl

The Ravens players are embracing the hype surrounding this year's team.

Baltimore has depth and talent at every position.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson said anything less than a Super Bowl victory would be a failure.

Running Mark Ingram thinks the team can improve on last year's 14-win season.

Coach John Harbaugh likes that type of confidence, but he knows teams will be gunning for his players because of they'll be one of the favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

"First of all, from a talent standpoint, we’re talented," Harbaugh said. "We were talented last year, and everybody said we weren’t talented. So, all of that stuff, all of that talk, it’s just noise, it’s meaningless. It’s just nothing to us. That’s where it starts. And even Mark [Ingram II], I love his enthusiasm. We do – we plan to win every game, that’s the goal. Every game we go into, we plan to win them all. If we win them all, we’ll be 16-0, so we start there. That’s the idea, but you also understand that you have zero wins on the ledger when you start, too. 

"So, you better get the first one. We have to earn every single one of those. That’s our guys’ understanding. Mark Ingram II, gosh, he understands that better than anybody. He’s been in the league and he’s a fierce competitor. It’s not a hard thing to balance at all.”

Jackson was the NFL MVP and the Ravens broke the single-season rushing record. However, Baltimore has been one-and-done in the playoffs over the past two years against the Chargers and Titans this past season.

The ultimate goal is to get past that disappointment.

“I just need to go out there and do my job; go out there and win games and make it to the playoffs," Jackson said. "I can’t really dwell on the playoffs, because those games, that was my rookie season, [and] people didn’t even expect us to go to the playoffs at all. And last year, none of us expected to lose. [Tennessee] came out; they played well. We didn’t."