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Harbaugh Lauds Ravens Unselfishness

Each player willing to contribute in any way

The Ravens players on offense never complained about not getting enough touches. 

The defenders were focused on making an impact and not worried about their statistics even though several of those players are slated to hit the free-agent market this offseason.

Coach John Harbaugh said that type of attitude has led to the team's success. The Ravens (14-2) set a franchise record for wins and earned the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs for the first time in their history.

Baltimore will continue its dominant campaign against the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round of the AFC playoffs on Saturday, Jan. 11.  

"I feel like our guys take it for granted, take it in stride, because of the type of people they are, and they understand it," Harbaugh said. "It's the team, the team, the team. There's nothing more important, and that's what we're here for. Every decision, everything comes secondary to what's best for the team, and a lot of times what's best for the team is also best for the player and best for the coach, which is go out and play your best football and do whatever it takes to win. 

"So, if you're not the ball carrier, you're the blocker. If you get the ball in your hands, you carry a great obligation and a great responsibility, because you carry the hopes and dreams of all of us, including the fans, in your arms when you have the ball in your arms. When you're responsible for backing up your teammate on a tackle and getting there and being there for him, that's a great responsibility." he said. 

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The Ravens (broke the NFL’s all-time single-season rushing record (3,296 yards). Baltimore also became the first team in NFL history to average at least 200 rushing and 200 net passing yards per game in a season, finishing with 206.0 rushing yards and 201.6 net passing yards per game.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson is ranked first in the NFL with a franchise-record 36 touchdown passes and third with a 113.3 quarterback rating. Jackson is sixth among all players with 1,206 yards rushing.

While those are gaudy numbers, four of the Ravens' six leaders in receptions were tight ends or running back Mark Ingram. Nonetheless, the receivers never walked to the sidelines to complain about not getting enough touches.

All of the players have been on the same page about winning and that has made the biggest difference over the course of the best season in franchise history. 

"You have to have each other's backs, and that's what, really, it's all about. And I do believe what you're saying is right. Our guys have embraced that part of it. That kind of thinking, they've embraced that, and that's what helps to make you the best team that you can possibly be. And that's what we're going to try to take into the game on Saturday night.”