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The Ravens’ begin the second half of the season at 5-2 and lead the AFC North. Baltimore is coming off a bye, which gave its coaches two weeks to prepare for a Sunday night game against visiting New England on Nov. 3.

Here are three predictions for the second half of the Ravens' season:

1. Lamar Jackson will eclipse 1,000 yards rushing and 3,000 yards passing. He would be the first quarterback in NFL history to accomplish that milestone. Jackson is currently ranked sixth among all players with 576 yards rushing with three touchdowns on 83 carries. He also has completed 136 of 215 pass attempts (63.3 percent) for 1,650 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions. Jackson just needs to stay healthy.

Quotable: I’m pleased that he’s been able to avoid the big hits, of course,” quarterbacks coach James Urban said. “Listen, he has a unique ability. Within that, we talk about getting all you can get, and then get down or get out. And you see him routinely trying to get outside, and we’re trying to do those sorts of things to avoid some of those hits. 

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2. The Ravens will finish 11-5. Baltimore has home games against the Patriots, Texans, 49ers, Jets and Steelers, The goal would be to at least win four of those games, which would take them to the nine wins. The road matchups come against the Bengals, Rams, Bills and Browns. The Ravens could favored in three of those games and two victories would increase the win total to 11, which could feasibly get them a second home playoff game.

Quotable: "We try to win the game, because the wins, they add up. And that's what we need to do is add them up,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said.

3. Marlon Humphrey will earn his first Pro-Bowl selection. The Ravens cornerback is playing at a high level and has the ability to make game-changing plays. Opposing teams are trying to avoid his side of the field, but Humphrey is still coming up with ways to find the ball; i.e. a fumble recovery for a touchdown against Seattle. 

Quotable: “That’s been going on for the last two years," Ravens defensive backs coach Chris Hewitt said. "Coming in as a rookie, I didn’t put a whole bunch of high expectations on him, as far as learning the defense – not saying not learning the defense, but putting a whole lot of pressure [on him] and putting him in positions where he couldn’t flourish. So, him being in Year Two, Year Three, he’s heard the defense over and over and over again."