Doug Digs In on Dwayne's Work Ethic

Chris Russell

You may not want to hear this but this is just confirmation for me and an absolutely major concern moving forward for Dwayne Haskins with the Washington Redskins. 

Listen to what Senior Vice President of Player Development Doug Williams said on SIRIUS XM NFL Radio about Haskins. 

Sure - he complimented him for his performance late in the year. 

He admitted that Haskins has been at the facility working on his own. That's all good. 

Once again, Williams questioned Haskins' work ethic either in the past or still to a degree, now. 

"I just try to tell him what he has to do to get him out of that mentality that I  can just galavant all over the place on the offseason, when really you need to be here trying to find out what I need to do for the season."

You might remember these comments at an event a few weeks ago from Williams on Haskins, a quote that many if not all of the media did not really focus on. 

We did here at because it was the first time - someone from the old administration that is on the new staff indicated or said anything about Haskins work ethic. 

Williams wasn't saying anything bad then or now. He's being honest. He's telling you what he has already said to Haskins. 

Perhaps Haskins has already significantly improved from where he was say during the first half of last season and training camp? It seems he has, but the new staff has to see it. 

That doesn't mean an hour workout a day and then on to video games, clothing line stuff , social media and Wizards games. 

Redskins fans got mad at me when I mentioned on 106.7 The FAN a while ago that Haskins needs to be having less fun and relaxation. 

Many did not understand the point that I was making. I wasn't saying no fun. I was saying less fun. More work.

That's exactly what the legendary Doug Williams is saying a month or so later. 

Now do you believe me? Or does it take a guy who did this 32 years ago to say it?

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