Redskins - Jets at the Half!


Just a dreadful performance so far in every way for the  Washington Redskins. 

Nobody should be surprised. They're at home, where they absolutely stink. They are playin a wretched opponent and they usually put on a circus side-show against teams like the New York Jets. 

We're at the half and the Redskins trail 20-3. 

That's the good news. They are still within striking distance. 

The bad news is that they still have a half of football to play. And many people paid to watch this. 

If you missed the first half (good for you!) - here's some of what you missed. 

On the Jets first drive, they carved up the Redskins defense like a hot knife through butter. 

The Redskins offense did absolutely nothing good, including this awesome play (at first) until Brandon Scherff was called for holding and then  took an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. 

I had a reaction to that play that wasn't very popular with some fans, which is par for the course.

The Redskins still are absolutely terrible in the red zone. They've had two golden opportunities in this game and walked away with a field goal and a missed field goal. 

They haven't scored a red zone touchdown since Week 3. They haven't scored a touchdown since October 13th and it's now 15 + quarters. 

Of course, if it wasn't bad enough already, the Jets scored easily late on a huge and quick drive from Sam Darnold to Ryan Griffin on a 3-play, 82-yard drive in which the Jets tight end was wide open twice on the drive. 

Josh Norman has been dreadful in his match-ups against Robbie Anderson, allowing a touchdown and there was another play wiped out because of a penalty that would have gone for a long gain. 

Nobody should be surprised by this. Only Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen thought Norman was a good fit to remain in Washington when coaches wanted him out. 

Brandon Scherff and Morgan Moses each had a false start penalty. 

We're all doomed. 


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