Breer: The Redskins have "gotten some push-back on the current structure of the organization."

Chris Russell

The Redskins need a head coach moving forward, right? Actually, they need a lot of things but that's one item on Santa's list. 

It could be Bill Callahan if the Redskins finish strong. They currently hold a two-game winning streak, with their slim to none playoff hopes still alive. 

It could also be Callahan because he's aligned with Bruce Allen. 

However, if Allen truly is in trouble, and in talking to multiple sources, the feeling is still less than clear on that issue, Callahan will likely not have much of a chance. 

One of the advantages to being awful and starting your head coach search early is that you can do exactly the opposite of what the Cowboys are reportedly orchestrating. You can talk to candidates on your list that are either not under contract with someone else and not worry about looking bad. You already are. 

Apparently - that's what the Redskins are doing according to Albert Breer of The MMQB and, who appeared on 106.7 The FAN Friday. 

It should be zero surprise that the Redskins are meeting resistance in their efforts. 

There's nobody and I mean nobody that wants to work  for Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, if they have any power, control and/or common sense. 

You might be saying to yourself; "they'll find somebody" and you're right - they will. At some point. They might find a special teams coordinator who will likely never become a head coach in the NFL, like Dave Toub (Kansas City) or Rich Bisaccia from the Oakland Raiders. 

They actually interviewed Bisaccia in 2014 before hiring Jay Gruden. Why? Because Bruce Allen knew him from Tampa. 

They might find some obscure position coach that can't believe his good fortune: You know like Jim Zorn did! 

They aren't going to find a Mike Tomlin or probably even a Ron Rivera type. I have to believe those two gentlemen are smart enough to understand how unlikely the chances of being truly successful here are. 

The NFL is a huge league but many people know how dysfunctional the Redskins are and have been. If you don't think well respected, influential people around the NFL haven't shared their experiences and advice with many others, you're missing the boat. 

Would divorcing Allen help? Of course. Many would still have reservations, but they might just think that they can win enough to keep the owner off their back. 

When you have the dynamic duo breathing down your neck and making bad decisions that affect your football team  and future, you have virtually no shot. 

At this point, the Redskins have to rid themselves of Allen, give complete power to smart and decent people like Eric Schaffer and Kyle Smith,  then get lucky with the right coach. 

That's their only shot. 

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