ESPN Report: Redskins are still vetting Tua

Chris Russell

We've said it a hundred times. Maybe more. The Redskins should NOT be in the Tua Tagovailoa business. 

Stephen A. Smith and Bleacher Report's Matt Miller said it more harsher and definitively  this week. 

Yet on Sunday, as expected, a counter-story was painted, which is why I've learned never to say 100% about anything. 

The fun thing about this is that Jeremy Fowler who reported this story about the  Redskins "vetting" of Tagovailoa works for the same company (ESPN) as Stephen A. Smith does, who completely reported the opposite. 

I don't know exactly what type of vetting the Redskins are doing besides the medical part, but I thought (as I've been told by many) that as long as Tua clears his hip surgery, that's all you have to worry about??'

So here we are. Less than three weeks to the draft and every shred of common sense tells me that the Redskins should not and won't pick Tagovailoa. 

Yet two differing reports from ESPN and one extra strongly worded view from Bleacher Report leaves me wondering if there's a 3% chance instead of a 1% chances that the Redskins go with Tua and then presumably trade Dwayne Haskins. 

I have no real idea on what is actually going to happen because I don't trust anyone in the NFL completely. Nobody. We'll all find out in a couple of weeks at the same time. 

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