How many future Hall of Famers do the Redskins have?

KD Drummond

Although he spent most of his career elsewhere, cornerback Champ Bailey is still looked at as a Washington Redskins player by many in the fan base, and deservedly so. Bailey didn't choose to be part of a lopsided trade that sent him to the Denver Broncos in exchange for running back Clinton Portis. It wasn't his fault that his Hall of Fame career took place in the AFC while Washington was entertained by a guy playing dress up in press conferences.

All shade aside, Portis was a great back, but he was no Bailey. So during his induction into Canton on Saturday, Washington fans will look on and wonder when the next time they'll have someone who truly represents the organization inducted.

There's discussion the Pro Football Hall of Fame will open it's doors in honor of the league's 100th season celebration, allowing upwards of 20 new members in 2020, up from the normal seven or eight.

That will help clear up the log jam of names, and in that gesture, could be an opening for the great Joe Jacoby to finally get his recognition.

So who else has a shot to make it, now or in the future?

Well, no Redskins player outside of Bailey made the semifinal list in 2019. Portis, Earnest Byner and Gary Clark were all nominees, as were Chris Samuels, London Fletcher and Brian Mitchell. Of those, Mitchell is perhaps most deserving and the kind of player who would best be served by a large group being inducted together.

As for current players, it's tough to identify anyone on the current roster who would qualify. Ryan Kerrigan has an outside shot, as he will certainly be remembered more fondly by outsiders once his fantastic career comes to an end and he's likely among the career leaders in sacks. Trent Williams? He may have an outside chance.

The obvious shoe-in choice, running back Adrian Peterson, isn't really associated with Washington.

Who else could one day see the Halls of Canton?


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