KD Drummond

Every year, the Philly Voice's Jimmy Kempski takes a giant dump on all four NFC East franchises in dissecting everything wrong with the club and why it means they won't win the division that season. As unbiased as Kempski, a friend of ours, pretends to be, he is always a bit more lenient when it comes to the Eagles than the other three teams.

That doesn't mean his writeups don't have merit, they do, but it is undoubtedly a negative view of everything that may or may not happen. On Tuesday, he took aim at the Washington Redskins' hopes for 2019 here, and we'll respond to each item as warranted.

  1. Washington's quarterbacks have already clinched badness in 2019

Kempski highlights that as soon as either Case Keenum or Dwayne Haskins takes a regular-season snap, they will become the 20th QB to play for Washington over the last two decades. The main takeaway here is that Haskins only had 15 collegiate starts and first rounders with this resume generally struggle as rookies.


  1. Their best player doesn't want to play there anymore

This is of course in reference to LT Trent Williams and his trade demand over frustrations with the club's treatment of his medical scare.


  1. They have nothing at receiver

Kempski doesn't like Paul Richardson, Josh Doctson and Trey Quinn as a group. His health concerns on Richardson are fair, Doctson's lack of development, too.

I think he's off on Quinn being a big downgrade from Jamison Crowder. Quinn will surprise.


  1. The only decent, sort of proven receiving game threat can't stay healthy

Jordan Reed can't stay healthy. Totally fair.

  1. And yet, despite all the above offensive badness, it's the highest-paid offense in the NFL in 2019! Lol

I... I don't even know how this happens. $118 million for an offense that ranked No. 29 in DVOA, a Football Outsiders metric that takes into account how well a team did in light of how good their opponents were and eliminating garbage time performances that can pad stats.


  1. This feels like an opportune time to mention that Bruce Allen is somehow still making decisions for this team.

Ugh, I don't want to talk about it.


  1. The linebackers aren't good

This is a fair assessment, but Washington actually did something about it by trading for Reuben Foster last year. That ACL injury was devastating after letting Zach Brown walk and now he's in Philly, ready to play Washington twice.


  1. We need to mention Ereck Flowers again

Flowers was a turnstile for the New York Giants, so the prospects of him being worth a damn is foreign to most outside observers. I, however, have a feeling he is going to surprise on the inside at guard.


  1. Who's starting at safety opposite Landon Collins?

Quote Kempski: "It'll probably be Montae Nicholson, who was so bad last season that Washington traded a fourth-round pick for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to replace him for the final nine games. They already know how that's going play out, but let's run it back!"


  1. And as always, let me check to see if Daniel Snyder is still the owner.

This is probably the biggest gripe Redskins fans have about the organization, is it all trickles down from a guy who seemingly cares about owning a team but doesn't care about owning a winning team.


So in general, we have Kempski down for 8 legitimate gripes about the state of Washington, and two we can't agree with. Is this the end all for the season? Of course not. Kempski was hunting for things to focus on and ignoring the positives, like the running game and the amount of pressure Washington will be able to impose against pass-happy offenses. Those are big keys to being able to win games and with the stable of players in each of those groups Washington will be competitive in games. While it's true a team cannot win in the NFL without a top-level passing attack, the unknown doesn't mean the impossible.