Landon in Landover Needs to Shine


Landon Collins, the Redskins highly paid import this past off-season is having a fine year. 

The problem?  

He was paid 80+ million dollars to be elite & be a game changer.

Not to be fine. It's only the first year of a six-year deal but the Redskins are going to need a whole lot more. 

Reporters including Maven/SI caught up with Collins in the locker room this week and asked about a tough first year in D.C., how he's joined at the hip with Dwayne Haskins & if there's a greater sense of urgency this week because of the terrible start and performance by the defense last week.

We'll be tracking Collins closely on Sunday as a player that could make a big impact or one that could be exposed by the Lions' weapons of Marvin Jones, Kenny Golladay & first round top-ten tight end, T.J. Hockenson.


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