The Latest Hot Rumor? Mack to Skins for No. 2

Chris Russell

We continue to let you decide on what you believe and what you think is real or smoke. 

Here we are again with another hot rumor. 

The same guy that reported last week that the Dolphins and Redskins were engaged in discussions for the No. 2 overall pick and also reported that the Bengals are trying to dump out of No. 1, is taking another swing for the fences.

A couple of things here: 

I hear things all the time. It doesn't mean they will happen. Sileo hears an awful lot of rumors and stuff to be going  as hard as he does, but hey...maybe he knows more than me? And everyone else?

Jack Del Rio didn't draft Mack but he coached him for his three years with the Raiders. 

The problem with entertaining a trade like this: The Redskins would have to not only give up a very cost friendly pick at No. 2 for at least three years but they would also have to inherit a player in Mack with a $26.6 million cap value for this year and the same for 2021, but with a non guaranteed structure for about $17 million of it. 

I don't see this happening realistically in any way, but as with everything that makes some level of sense (Philip Rivers?), I can't completely 100% dismiss it. 

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I agree with Berttalk, who is absolutely correct. Also, if I may, I didn't see the story about Philip Rivers. Why would we want him? We need what they now call the RPO in play for at least 2 of the first 3 downs. Philip Rivers is a name, now a journeyman he doesn't possess the agility of an average left tackle. Not a threat to run. We'd be better off with someone who can run the same plays as our #1 QB. The only absolute pocket passing QB still playing is TB12 for a year or two more. Even Fitzpatrick for Miami boogies occasionally. Take Chase Young, absolutely without question.


Not going to happen.

Beer is Food
Beer is Food

If this happens, we know who is running the show.


It says Bears reached out. Not that Skins are interested. Why would the Skins take a negative contract for Mack, against a Rookie contract with Chase Young? Bears would have to give so much more and likely take on Alex Smith's contract as well. Still doesn't make much sense for Redskins. Huge Vet contract for equivalent player on Rookie Contract, nope, no way, not happening.

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