Free-agent options slim for Washington at tackle

KD Drummond

Can Washington wait until someone elevates themselves to address their left tackle position? Trent Williams, he of multiple Pro Bowls, is holding out. Angered by how the club dealt with his health scare last season, he's demanded a trade. While it's only one day into camp, it would behoove the club to resolve the matter quickly, or else they risk not being able to truly evaluate the quarterback competition.

Case Keenum and Colt McCoy are veterans, but neither has set the world on fire in their careers. It stands to reason maintaining a relatively clean pocket will be paramount to each's success. Rookie Dwayne Haskins, the face of the franchise, needs that ten fold. In order to assess whether or not he is ready to take snaps under center, he cannot spend the majority of his life wondering if he's going to get blindsided.

Many promising first-round quarterbacks have had their careers derailed by constantly eating dirt thanks to porous protection. Once the clock inside a QBs head gets used to having to cut progressions short, their ability to do what is necessary to be successful is, well, debilitated.

So as Washington has already brought in Donald Penn for a workout, they need to keep kicking tires until something sticks.

Besides Penn, there are still several tackles with, apologies for the pun, skins on the wall.

Jermey Parnell: The former Jaguars and Cowboys tackle has started 57 games over the last four seasons, though they have all been on the right side.

Ryan Schraeder: A salary dump from Atlanta, Schraeder has 73 starts in his six-year career. 

Jermon Bushrod: Bushrod is about to turn 35, but with Penn at 36 the age isn't a problem. He has 128 career starts under his belt and filled in for Terron Armstead on the left side for the Saints last season. 

As far as serviceable guys, this is the extent of it, and it gets even more difficult when trying to match scheme as Bill Callahan runs a zone-blocking scheme that requires more mobility out of its linemen.

 Anyone outside of this group would be a flyer, though Washington should still consider it seeing how much is riding on whatever addition they make. If the coaching staff is under an edict from the front office to start Haskins Week 1, this issue becomes paramount to the future of the franchise. If

If no one can step up, Washington could wait until veterans are released in final cuts to snag someone, but then there would be a chemistry issue as that new player gets acclimated after missing out on training camp to get in sync.


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