Where's Chase Young Going?

Chris Russell

Ian Rapoport from NFL Network threw out this video on Wednesday evening about the short-term future for Chase Young.

Will he wind up in Washington or Detroit? Anywhere else? 

What about the Bengals pulling off a surprise? 

"Ron Rivera does love him some Tua," Rapoport said. First this is a nightmare quote for my sanity and the Redskins. If they take Tagovailoa, I give up. He's rarely going to be healthy on the NFL level. 

I still lean about 95% to Young going home to play for the Redskins. 

I think that's most people's percentages. 

However, could we rule out a scenario that the Redskins get a sweet offer and drop down to No. 3 from Detroit? No. 5 from Miami? 

The desperation for a quarterback, any quarterback that has legs and blood running through their veins, is often enough. 

Ron Rivera seemed to indicate on Tuesday that the Redskins were staying at No. 2 and selecting Young. 

"When you’re in the first five spots, those have to be immediate impact guys. They’re going to be guys that you’re going to put on the field right away and they’re going to play," Rivera told reporters via video conference including RedskinsReport.com. 

"Secondly, if you’re going to make a trade and you’re going to go back, that guy that you’re going to take at that spot has to make the kind of impact you need to validate missing an opportunity to take a player that’s a high impact guy," Rivera explained of the dilemma the Redskins are facing. 

"In other words, if you’re going to pass up player A, and you go back and you take player D, player D has to be equal to player A, you know what I’m saying. Because if player A is going to play for you for ten years, and player D might not, did you really get value or did you just get a whole bunch of picks?"

FWIW, I largely agree with Rivera except theoretically if you know what you're doing, more cracks at the apple should give you more talent and depth. 

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