A 7th team is GREAT news for the Redskins

Chris Russell

There's been a lot of news and reporting about a new collective bargaining agreement getting settled before the league's annual new year starts. 

I think the 17-game regular season schedule is a bad thing for the NFL. There isn't enough good football players, quarterbacks and healthy bodies to play 16 games as it is. 

December football for some teams is fine. For most teams, it's a complete $%&! show.

Redskins fans know this well. 

The only way I'm down with 17 games is if teams get a second bye, expand their game day rosters from 46 to 53 or slightly more AND their actual rosters to a minimum of 57 players. 

Even then, I'm not convinced it's the right thing to do from a quality standpoint. 

Quantity? Yes. Quality? Hell to the no!

I am very much down with the seventh playoff team concept. 

Quite simply, there's no need to reward two teams with a much easier path and if we're going to go to a 17 game schedule, it's extra unfair. 

For the Redskins and others - a seventh playoff team is a HUGE win, if the concept gets signed off on and agreed to, especially in 2020. 

We all know that this three-win outfit has much better talent than three wins. They had awful leadership and decision making in the executive branch and while he would strongly disagree, I think Jay Gruden felt defeated even before the season started. 

I believe the Redskins fed off of that and not the right way. 

A seventh playoff team, essentially a third wild-card team, will allow for too many (8-8) or even (7-9) teams to be rewarded for my liking, but if you're Ron Rivera or any head coach - you know that you can keep dangling that carrot as a motivational tool. 

It's a lot easier to make it to January and take your chances with an extra spot up for grabs (obviously), but in a case like the Redskins (and others) you're rarely ever going to be playing completely insignificant games like they did this past year.

The Eagles, Giants and Cowboys games to end the year were just that, because Washington had been eliminated in Green Bay before that final stretch. 

No - they didn't deserve to make the playoffs in any way - but how much better would it have been to watch those games if there was even the slightest reason to think they meant anything?

This is what media and fans are not understanding in my opinion about the true 'greatness' of this concept. 

Much like the wild-card and especially when the second wild-card was added in Major League Baseball, it not only added more playoff games (always a lucrative concept) but it made August and September mean so much more for a handful of teams that otherwise would be checked out. 

The same holds true here: December games, unless you're a one or two win team - will almost always mean something. 

For NFL owners - that means straight cash homey! For you - it means more hope and relevancy. 

For the Redskins - it could mean making the playoffs even if you don't truly deserve it. 

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