Brady to the Raiders, Carr to the Redskins?

Chris Russell

The NFL world and hot stove is starting to bubble over already and we're not even in Indianapolis for the scouting combine. 

Could Tom Brady leave New England as some have thought he could and would (myself included) and the holier than thou GOAT winds up in Sin City?

That's the buzz from Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the long-time NFL journalist who is the father of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald. 

Las Vegas = Raiders = Tom Brady? Holy $%&!

Who knows what will happen, but just remember that if Brady signs with the Raiders and quite honestly, even if he doesn't, every indication in the world is that Jon Gruden does not love Derek Carr. 

It's kind of the same feel I get when it comes to the current Redskins brass and Dwayne Haskins. 

They like him. He's fine. They may not love him. They don't really know him. They know of him. Good and bad. They don't KNOW him. 

Some coaching staffs are patient and willing to wait out trial and error. Some are not. I get the sense that Ron Rivera's staff is not going to be very patient. 

You may remember what we wrote in late January based on a prediction piece for quarterbacks in 2020 from Jason LaCanfora.

Now we dig a little deeper in our video analysis of the situation. 

We also point out the Jack Del Rio - Derek Carr connection and now we all wonder. 

What will happen with Brady? What to make of the Raiders? How about the Patriots? And does it mean anything at all for the Redskins?

The answers are to come...Stay tuned! 

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Well Carr is better than Alex Smith, but let us all hope this doesn't happen. How many Brunell, Donavon McNabb, Alex Smith adventures does one fan base have to endure. Lets try to build on a solid Rookie talent that has shown promise, instead of screwing him over like the Skins did to both RG3 and Kirk Cousins. Next thing you know it will be washed up Phillip Rivers to the rescue.

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D@mn... Haskins can't buy a bucket... Everyday there's an article about the Redskins needing to move on from last years 1st round 15th overall pick... Yea he struggled early in the season but he played much better down the stretch... Derek Carr... This joker isn't a winner... He's had about 7 years to prove himself & he couldn't get the job done... Y would the Redskins invest in him? The only person that should get the call over Haskins is Alex Smith... If Smith can't go bring back Keenum or sign Sudfield... Sudfield has proven to be able to produce in this league... But to bring in another guy to be the starter is B$ period... That's not how you develop young talent

Beer is Food
Beer is Food

Then how much of the skins money and draft capital is tied up in the QB’s? Not that I’m sold on Haskins or think Carr is a bad QB. Bringing in a starter will further hamper Haskins development and runs counter to the whole cheap young QB strategy, just when the team is a year away from removing themselves from the Smith Cap fiasco.

Let the cheap QB develop and foster his development by building a o-line and running game. If your not sold on Haskins, draft another young stud this year or next.

The name of the game is bargain cap management to maximize talent. A team lands a bargain by drafting young studs at traditionally high dollar positions. QB, Tackle, pass rusher, CB.

If I were the skins, I’d trade back with Miami, and if you’re lucky, again with SD or Carolina, and then invest HEAVILY in the O-line with two or three top picks. Gives a QB help in development, cheap at high value positions with lower bust potential, in a position that actually stays on the field all game.

Dream scenario would be trade back, use a top ten on a stud tackle, trade back up to top 10 with 2nd first rounder and Williams, and draft 2nd stud tackle. If lucky, you’d have a 2nd rounder in the mix, trade back up in late 1st and draft a center. In FA resign both guards. Young, hungry, cheap o-line for 5 years made up of 4 top 10 picks.