Cool Dan Snyder?

Chris Russell

There was much made about Dan Snyder's opening remarks on January 2nd, 2020 at Ron Rivera's introductory press conference. 

Some thought it was humorous. Some thought it was weird. Some thought it was perplexing and a reason why he doesn't talk all that often on camera.

"Happy Thanksgiving" became the butt of jokes all over the internet and just about anywhere! 

Apparently - at the Super Bowl too! With star actor and huge Redskins fan, Matthew McConaughey. 

Who knew Dan Snyder was this cool and hip? 

I've always said that the Snyder I interacted with over my five years of working for him was much better than his reputation and I always enjoyed the interactions we had. 

I wouldn't exactly describe him as totally unleashed in those times, but he's much different than you think away from a camera.

I blame Bruce Allen for 90% of the dysfunction over the last decade but clearly Dan shares blame for employing him and allowing it. 

Maybe we're looking at a completely different Redskins owner now that he has an adult in charge?

Cheers, Dan! 

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