Could Kuechly Come to Coach?

Chris Russell

Luke Kuechly retired last week which surprised the NFL world even though it should not have. 

He's young and still has the rest of his life to live and has made more money than he'll ever know what to do with. 

The notion that we should be surprised by someone retiring before 30 with a deep concussion history, who has made over $63 million in his career per, is absurd on the part of many. 

More and more will do it. Why not? How much money do you need to make to "feed your family" as so many say? It's absurd and ridiculous, quite honestly. 

Now the question for Kuechly is this: Will he stay retired or immediately dip his toes into coaching?

The Redskins and Kuechly's former head coach, Ron Rivera, along with Dwayne Haskins, Derrius Guice and retired inside linebacker London Fletcher all paid homage to Kuechly this week when he made his announcement. 

Could they also benefit from having Kuechly around in a coaching/volunteer capacity? 

They would have to battle the Panthers and Bills, one would think, for Kuechly's heart and time. 

Maybe he can do all three teams in a roving capacity?

I remember early in Mike Shanahan's tenure, Terrell Davis and other former Broncos greats visited with the Redskins at their team facility. It wasn't long and I'm not sure exactly what the rules are, but it could never hurt anyone to pick Kuchley's brain.

I'm more interested in what Kuechly decides to do in 2021 than now. Does he go full time into coaching? I would not if I were him. Enjoy your retirement. 

Coaching is a brutal industry that requires much dedication and willingness to not have a life. 

Players have fun.  They have 4 months off per year, at least. No - going to the gym for 2 hours a day is not the same as coaches who have to work 18 hours a day in-season and 12-14 hours most days in the "off-season" and many days around free agency, the draft and OTA's are essentially the same as in-season. 

I have my doubts on how many high level players who've made 60+ million dollars in eight years, a relatively short career, would really want to go into coaching. 

However, if Kuechly wants to do it full-time, part-time or any time, the Redskins could benefit for sure. 

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Would be a great pickup if they can reel him in