Guice, Guice Baby!


The Redskins made it official on Thursday morning. A move that was completely expected when they released Craig Reynolds Tuesday.

Derrius Guice is ready to go and has been activated off injured reserve.

Now the questions are, what do the Redskins do and how do they split up the rushing attack on an offense desperate for touchdowns and smartly committed to the run, no matter what anybody says to the contrary?

Jay Gruden's answer was to bench Adrian Peterson to start the year. Gruden only wanted to have three running backs active on the 46-man game-day roster.

There's NO CHANCE that Bill Callahan is benching Peterson. ZERO. Throw that thought out. He's not that stubborn.

Peterson will likely start against the New York Jets. Guice should be eased into a return to make sure the oil is running properly through the Ferrari engine.

If Guice starts or is the dominant option, I would be concerned and strongly believe it would be a mistake.

The Redskins are averaging 24.5 rushing attempts per game under Callahan. They're also averaging 4.7 yards per attempt and more than 115 yards rushing per game in the four-game span that Callahan has been in charge.

With Dwayne Haskins unofficially set to be the starter against a likely blitz heavy attack from Gregg Williams, the Redskins must protect their young signal caller with an even stronger emphasis on the run game.

My hunch and educated guess suggests Washington should run it 30 times. If they hit the magic number, I would try and break it down like this: Peterson gets 18 touches, with Guice at around 12 with an emphasis on the second-year back out of the backfield as a receiving and check-down option.

Remember, Guice had three catches for 20 yards in his lone action this year.

Guice should not be asked to carry the load right away. He has to be ramped up, no matter how old Peterson is. He has to prove that he's durable. 

This is especially important if Chris Thompson is not back. Thompson has missed the last three games, coinciding with the three-game streak of not scoring a touchdown.

For now, on a team that is trying to figure out how to win games instead of tanking, Guice gives them a major injection of life. 

Photo courtesy USA Today © James Lang | 2019 Sep 8