Kyle Smith & Ron Rivera at the Combine

Chris Russell

Jay Gruden loved talking to the media most of the time. Bruce Allen could not stand the media and he treated local reporters like they had an infectious disease. 

He could not have disrespected the group that worked incredibly hard to cover his franchise fairly more than he did over a decade of destruction. 

There were times in Indianapolis that neither Gruden or Allen were made available at the podium for everyone to hear and see. 

At least one year, they were among a group of two or three teams that did not have one representative at least, speak to the assembled media. 

Allen would always join his buddy Pat Kirwan at SIRIUS XM, because it was a friendly landing spot. 

Last year, Allen did make himself available to reporters on the side because either someone told him he had to or he finally woke up and realized the teflon armor suit was getting shot at. 

This year - a new era and a different day - for the Washington Redskins, a real adult is in complete charge of the football operations. 

That's Ron Rivera. Kyle Smith is his de facto general manager and both will address reporters next week. 

I've heard it's possible that both will additionally address local reporters on the side for more team specific questions that fans want to know about, but that is not confirmed. 

Either way, this is a positive step.

Some fans think media access is about satisfying the media's ego. They could not be more wrong. 

We are the conduit, especially to those that don't have social media accounts and more importantly to ask  the proper questions, regardless of whether they are answered or not. 

Thankfully, we will no longer have an organization making up stories and absurd lies like Bruce Allen ordered in 2016. 

This is what happens when you have professionals without vendettas in charge of one of the NFL's most historic franchises. 

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