Redskins AM Rush - 11/10/19


LSU at Alabama. SEC football on a Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa! The stage was perfect. 

The hype and anticipation even brought the President of the United States of America to Alabama. 

Two great young quarterbacks. Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow. Two players exchanging blows. 

Only one won. Joe Burrow was lights out in enemy territory!

Tagovailoa was great, although he had a critical fumble and his best receiver let him down. Alabama wouldn't go down until the very end. They could have won, but they didn't.

Now the question is - was the Redskins next quarterback playing in this game?

Before we get too excited and amped up. The Redskins already have a quarterback of the future in Dwayne Haskins. 

The problem is this: What if the next head coach doesn't like him enough? 

What if the possible next general manager doesn't believe in him? Are they going to hitch their wagon to him? It's doubtful.

I can't rule it out, however, because Arizona just did it in a very unique circumstance but it can be done. 

Here's the deal: I've loved Burrow since the first time I saw him in September 2018. I would draft him over Tua, but not because Tagovailoa is not good, but he has durability issues so far that would scare the ever loving you know what out of me! 

Especially if you put him at Redskins Park. 

The other problem is when you combine Alex Smith's cap number along with Dwayne Haskins and a high first round pick, that's at least $28 million on the quarterback position and you have nobody that is proven. 

I don't think the Redskins can afford to do this, but I can't rule it out. 

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Burrow > Tua