Redskins AM Rush - Monday 11/11/19


Good morning Redskins fans! A Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have served and are serving this country. Thank you is the least we can say. 

The bye week is over and the Redskins get back to work today at Redskins Park for the first time since last Wednesday. They'll have an extra practice and we will have coverage late this afternoon and into the early evening. 

Washington is a one-point early line favorite over the New York Jets this Sunday, who beat the Giants yesterday, to secure their 2nd win of the season. 

They opened up as two-point favorites but already that is down and likely will swing in favor of the Jets by the end of the week or at least a pick-em.

Normally, the home teams gets a three-point spot but quite honestly, the Redskins have not earned that. 

The over/under is at 38, which should tell you everything you need to know about the two worst third-down offenses in the NFL. 

If you need a happier memory, yesterday marked the 28th anniversary of this: A look back at the glory days for the Redskins.

In not so happy news, for a franchise in a state of major repair, a reader, who asked to remain nameless, send me this to use. It's a letter to Redskins owner Dan Snyder:

I am sharing it because I do think it is very important to show how angry and apathetic in many ways the fan base is. This letter is pure anger and disgust. Not the last part. 

Mr. Snyder,

This is the last email I’m going to send you. Hope it is received, and even though (expletive) is crazy right now—I do hope this letter finds you well in what has to be a crazy time for you as a business owner.

But this isn’t a nice letter—I’m mad as hell. And rightfully so. Allow me to share what me and my fellow western md Skins fans are talking about lately. 

Done with the “winning off seasons” and Bruce Allen plastering TV with his smugness, all the while knowing how big of a doucher he really is coming off as and generally not caring to change that perception one iota. 

Done with being told the team is, “...just a few pieces away from being a perennial contender” and, “we don’t want to violate Trents HIPPA law protections....(but we want to clear our name at our best players expense because he’s rightfully mad at us...and we will have the last word!!)” Exemplifying pettiness, very weak looking move on Redskins part. 

Done with Larry Michael telling us as of a week or 2 ago, “things are going to turn around...I’m picking the Skins!” like a 14 year old pretending to still believe in Santa Claus. A “Vice President” of your “operation”? The guy is like racist a uncle at Thanksgiving—we tolerate him only because we have to. He’s universally despised by fans, and couldn’t find a way out of a wet paper bag let alone find decent commentary the FANS want to talk about.

Done with awful drafts and awful pro personnel management. Done with up and coming stars in management (both coaching and front office) leaving due to the constant dysfunction and problems at RP. Also done with not having a true GM or leader leading the way—everything happening is because we are a rudderless ship and fans are jumping overboard in troves. 

Done with firing coaches who don’t deserve to be fired, and hiring coaches that don’t deserve to be hired. 

Done with standing by while our standout players are treated like absolute dog (expletive) (Garçon, DJackson, Crowder, Cravens, Murphy, Williams....just to name a FEW!). Unless something changes NOW, standout stars who unwillingly find themselves on our roster (none will willingly come in the short term given the craziness) will only give you lip service and never truly buy-in to the once-great Redskins way. 

More than anything—I’m done with being a part of a “community” where the community has no say in the future of the franchise, and is treated simultaneously like complete idiots and also expendable/replaceable consumers based on the teams’ actions.

I have more Redskins memorabilia than most fans I know. Was rocking my Redskins gear as recently as last week. But now? I’m done for the season and maybe for good. I can’t in good conscious wear anything Redskins—that tells people I support ineptitude, and I do not. If the team is not inept and is just struggling on the field—that’s completely different, and I wish that was just the case!!! I’d be rocking my Skins gear with the same or worse record if there was any hope for sane management.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I was SO moved by Mrs. Snyder’s support back in the day and starting the pink revolution in the NFL. Whatever happened to doing the right thing??? Did it get lost in translation while the ship slowly started sinking over the last decade? Get back to OUR core values: respect, honor, integrity. ADMIT YOU (EXPLETIVE) UP WITH TRENT!!! Until that time when you yourself exemplify those values and it trickles down to all on the team—I’m out. Why do I say that? Because allowing Bruce Allen to continue is saying to us fans, “I value money more than I value the players or the fans.” That’s not congruent with, “I’ll never change the name!”—we fans LOVED that sentiment from you, it was loud and a resounding “no” to PC police. But by keeping Bruce Allen, in essence, you have change more than our name—you change our identity. What good is a name with no substance behind it?

And in the meantime, I have no problem supporting the Ravens! Maybe nothing will ever change at RP unless you sell the team, maybe I’m a wishful thinker to believe things can change under your ownership. In 2020, is my new team going to be the DC Defenders? Answer: has nothing to do with Redskins on the field record in 2019. (By the way, which XFL team has highest chance of NFL fan conversion? you not think this is an all out emergency??????)

Mr Snyder, fire EVERYONE. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Bruce Allen, Doug W, the contract guy, Larry Michael, the food staff, your secretary, the guy reading this email, THE MEDICAL STAFF—EVERYONE! Rebuild. Rebrand. So many leaks in that building for one. And two, we have to get back to being the Redskins—not some cheap knockoff that values the dollar$ more than the values the franchise was built upon. Document the rebuilding by being 100% transparent. Include outlets that fans love like Barstool Sports to come in and do specials about the rebuild WITHOUT interference from Tony or other PR people.

I sincerely hope this message is received. If you’d like to have me support the team, I’m personally going to need some kind of public assurance from you that this circus freak show is coming to an end under YOUR leadership and direction. If coming from you, I would take you at your word. Bruce Allen? Absolutely not. Good luck, I’m sure whatever you decide to do it won’t be easy—but the right things to do to turn this all around are doable. You have to re-earn our trust. With the right attitude and a commitment to the values that make our fans and players the best in the world, I have no doubt you can make the right decision to bring the Redskins back to glory again. God bless!


(Pissed off Western MD fans who’ve had it up to here)

Editing Note: The above letter was approved privately by the author. The only thing that was changed were a few words that I felt were inappropriate for publishing on this site and were noted with (expletive) in the post. - Chris Russell