News: Trent Williams trade rumors swirling, Jay Gruden opens up

Burke Downer

Trent Williams remains an unknown commodity for the Washington Redskins. There were whispers on Tuesday that he might be traded to the Cleveland Brown, but those rumors were quickly shot down by Redskins insiders. Whether there's truth to the possible trade can only be known by Bruce Allen and his counterpart, John Dorsey. Williams could always come back the Redskins and take part in the recent rushing party, but that seems even less likely at this point. 

Former head coach Jay Gruden is living like a king following his firing by the Redskins. Gruden took part in an interview on ESPN Radio on Tuesday and he gave off more than a few fun tidbits. Gruden said he didn't watch the Redskins' win over the Miami Dolphins; thinking the day might be difficult, he took off for 18 holes of golf. If the Redskins season heads back downhill, Redskins fans might join him in tuning out. 

UPDATE: Washington Redskins deny reports of Trent Williams trade to Cleveland Browns :: 19 News Cleveland


Early Tuesday it looked like a Trent Williams to Cleveland Browns trade was in the works, and that may still be true, but recent insider accounts say that the trade is unlikely and would be "surprising." Bruce Allen doesn't need to tell anyone anything, that's the benefit of a one-man food chain, so if a trade does happen don't expect updates to leak between here and there. 

Jay Gruden living his best life, playing in local poker tournaments :: 106.7 The Fan


Mr. and Mrs. Gruden like to frequent local poke games and tournaments and along the way ran into a 109.7 The Fan personality, Jason Bishop. All indications are that Gruden is feeling none-the-worse for ware following his dismissal from the Redskins, and in fact is in high spirits. 

"And when I say that Jay Gruden looked as relaxed as I've ever seen him, he looked like he was just hired, just got the job, not fired. He looked so relaxed and care-free. He was having cocktails, he was talking to people, and I actually sat right next to him at the final table. Yes, I made the final table."

Jay Gruden shares how he spent his first Sunday as a fired NFL head coach, Dwayne Haskins and his future plans :: CBS Sports


As it turns out, Gruden didn't even watch the Redskins' win over the Dolphins on Sunday. Hard to blame the guy. Along with the above referenced poker jaunts, the former head coach is also getting in the occasional 18, and did so on Sunday afternoon. Gruden sounds like he's having a blast in unemployment. 

"I didn't watch it, actually. I was playing golf," Gruden said during a recent appearance on "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz." "I thought that first Sunday was gonna be hard, so I decided to go out on the golf course … a couple of buddies of mine, had a good day. I was happy for some of the players and a few of the coaches that got their first win."

Gruden also offered up his thoughts on Dwayne Haskins, and it turns out he does in fact believe Haskins to be "raw."

"People are excited when you take a guy at 15, you want to see him play right away,” Gruden said on the Dan Le Batard Show, his first in-depth interview since his departure. “But it was our professional opinion that he wasn't quite ready to step in and play in the first five games of the season. He's very raw, but he's very talented. It will take some time with him. He just wasn't ready when I was there. Maybe he'll get ready in the next coming weeks."

Washington Redskins Roster Moves :: John Keim

How committed to the running game are the Redskins? They just signed a full back, that's how committed. The Redskins placed yet another tight end on injured reserve in Jerome Cunningham. His spot is taken by full back Michael Burton. The team also shuffled the practice squad deck, letting go of TE Drew Belcher and T Victor Salako while adding TE Wes Saxton.  

Report: Redskins working out Josh Ferguson with Chris Thompson’s availability ‘in some doubt’ :: Riggo's Rag


Adrian Peterson got the lion's share of the workload at running back in Week 6, that will likely remain true until Derrius Guice returns. At that point, who knows? Meanwhile, Chris Thompson looks doubtful to play in Week 7 so the Redskins are shopping for help. Fortunately running back is one position that allows for some plug-and-play capability if needed. 

Illegal Notion: Resurrection :: Hogs Haven


A sweeping, satirical take on the Redskins newly gained footing following the firing of Jay Gruden, heavy-handed push on running the ball, and institution of Bill Callahan as interim head coach. If only the future were as bright as one week of (bare) success has allowed us to hope. 

Overall, it’s difficult to put into words just how surprised I am at the massive, sweeping changes that have been made in just one week’s time. I guess I had grown cynical about this organization, and for that, I want to apologize one last time; I am truly sorry. Bruce Allen has surprised us all and has this seemingly-rudderless ship pointed in the right direction. It may have taken a bit too long for my money, but hats off to Allen and the owner for finally making the right call so that this once-heralded franchise and its once-ravenous fan base can return to form. I also would like to thank YOU for reading and sticking with me during a time in which I had lost belief in our Burgundy and Gold. I am happy to report that my heart is full, my eyes wide, and my arms open to embrace the impending, inescapable success of this franchise.

Notable bets: Redskins-Dolphins oddly popular among bettors :: ESPN


The Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins game on Sunday took plenty of action in Las Vegas. That implies that bettors felt the outcome was particularly obvious. Who was the majority of the money on? Your very-own Redskins. "More money was bet on the Washington-Miami game at CG Technology sportsbook in Nevada than was bet on any other game during the early kickoffs Sunday. The bulk of it was on the favored Redskins."

At the corporate office for Las Vegas sportsbook operator CG Technology, the bookmakers had Washington-Miami on the big screen with sound. "We had to be one of the only places in the world with the Dolphins game on the main screen with sound," CG Technology oddsmaker Dave Sharapan said.

A bettor at the SuperBook on Wednesday placed a $10 bet on the Washington Redskins to win the Super Bowl at 10,000-1 odds. ($1,000,000) "I'd rather donate $10 to charity," SuperBook executive director John Murray joked in an email.