Redskins PM Rush - 11/10/19


Sunday brought along good news for Washington Redskins fans. The Redskins didn't play and therefore could not lose and force you to pull your hair out. 

We also had an opportunity to watch some real (good) football. 

The Bucs win over the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray was a blast after a sleepy first half. 

There were a few controversial calls that will be the buzz of the NFL played out in the last two minutes. Good for Bruce Arians though. I've always liked that guy. 

The New York Jets, the Redskins opponent next Sunday at FedExField won a back-and-forth battle with the New York Giants in New Jersey for supremacy of who sucks the least. 

The final was 34-27 and the number that immediately jumps out to me is this: The Jets defense, with Gregg Williams in charge, yielded a bunch of points but completely shut down the Giants rushing attack and Saquon Barkley. 

"Gang Green" held the Giants stud to ONE rushing yard on 13 attempts. They also limited him to five catches for 30 yards. 

Overall they held the Giants to 23 net rushing yards. They did allow four touchdown passes and 258 net passing yards, but that's to be expected when you have a 14-0 lead early on. 

Jamison Crowder had a nice day for the Jets and will make his return to Landover to take on his former team next week. Crowder was (5-81) for a score. 

Redskins fans can enjoy the battle of who they hate more on Sunday Night Football too. It's Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings against the Dallas Cowboys. 

There's a good chance the venom will be flowing for both sides in that one from Redskins supporters. 

Also, in case you missed it, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world wants into the NFL, a move that has been expected and is far from official. 

What could it mean for the Washington Redskins. We wrote about it here and add some more analysis and detail in the video below! 

Don't get too excited (obviously). This probably has a less than 5% chance of happening but I can't and won't rule it out. 

There's too many obvious signs to ignore. I would think that the NFL league office is secretly hoping it happens too. 

They absolutely hate having a doormat in a very important city with a historical franchise. They despise what is and has been going on in Washington.

If there's any way to force the door open, I think Rog (Roger Goodell) and his filthy henchmen will pry the door open. 

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Don’t know why anyone would hate Cousins. He didn’t completely screw up contract negotiations in DC, that was someone else!