Redskins PM Rush - Monday 11/11/19


The big news from Redskins Park Monday was that Dwayne Haskins is the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

When Bill Callahan stepped to the podium, I was not expecting him to commit to the rest of the season, but he did. So barring injury or I suppose a complete mess at the position, Haskins moves forward.

I'll still maintain that he was my favorite quarterback in the draft. I believe he still has a shot, long-term, to be the best but he faces stiff competition from Kyler Murray in Arizona and Daniel Jones with the Giants.

The key had to be that Haskins handled the little things seemingly well against Buffalo. Sure, he was sacked four times and the Redskins once again, did not score a touchdown, but the mechanics of the position matter so much.

Now with a few extra practices and the knowledge that he will be starting and theoretically won't have to look over his shoulder, Haskins can relax.

It's a good thing that Callahan made the decision and made it for the year. It allows a young kid to breath and grow. It allows him to develop with some confidence. 

“Whenever he gets under center in practice and has the full repertoire of repetitions during the course of a practice, he’s going to get better just like any quarterback is going to get better or any player is going to get better," Callahan told reporters including S-I on Monday afternoon."

He also said something key that wasn't lost on me: "I don’t think you can duplicate those reps on scout team. Getting in the heat of the preparation and really intensifying the preparation is a huge part of quarterback play in the NFL – not only that, but the ability to execute under pressure. Those factors are huge as we prepare for any team and that’s something I thought he did pretty well getting ready for Buffalo," Callahan continued.

"We’re looking forward to improve that and improve upon that as we go into the Jets game.”

Callahan also addressed the running back combination of Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice moving forward, in the video clip above (after the answer about the quarterbacks).

He wasn't going to give any sort of breakdown on rushing attempts but as you may know, Callahan is big on running the football as he should be. I would fully expect about 28-30 attempts if everything goes smoothly. 

I would think that Peterson gets more attempts than Guice at least for this week, with the second-year LSU product coming off I-R but also able to contribute in the screen game.

This is a must have for a young, rookie quarterback. It's also a way to get Guice fully involved. If the run game is struggling, and there's a pretty good chance that it could, the designed natural screen to Guice will be Haskins' best friend.

You know what would also help? Vernon Davis, who was still in concussion protocol as of Monday afternoon and Chris Thompson. Davis has missed five games in a row, while Thompson has been out since the Miami win.

Thompson was not in the locker room on Monday as practice was closed to the media and no official injury report had to be released to the media. 

Derrius Guice Photo Courtesy © Eric Hartline | 2019 Sep 8 - USA Today