Redskins Price for Trent: A 2nd Round Pick?

Chris Russell

The price-tag for Trent Williams is reportedly about what we expected. And as we knew they would, the Redskins are having problems getting fair compensation while Williams wants largely absurd cash on a per year basis. 

Nobody should be surprised about this and the Redskins should absolutely not cave in. Sorry. This is on the player and the agent to figure it out. 

The Redskins have had all the leverage since Bruce Allen dropped the hammer last October and while that was a petulant move, it was clearly one that Williams and his agent were not expecting or thinking would happen. 

It not only cost them an extra $5 million or so, but it completely killed any trade value that Williams had. 

That's why the Redskins were leaking those stories to Tony Pauline and the Washington Post to try and desperately rebuild any trade value they could, only to be slapped in the face by a reported $20 million dollar per year price tag.

The Redskins have done their part in my opinion. They should hold firm and wait. 

They should not plan on having Trent Williams by any means so attack the need in any way they see fit but they should also not cave in for just a conditional third-round pick or something similar. 

No thanks. If Trent wants out and thinks he has leverage, find a way. 

Or they can realize that at this point - they are not that special and they can either play for the Redskins until free agency or lower their demands from a contractual standpoint. 

We tried over and over again to explain this and now reality is here. 

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Chris Russell