Rumors: Dolphins & Redskins Talking Trade, Bengals Trade Down?

Chris Russell

The Redskins figure to be one of the most intriguing teams in the NFL Draft, but also in free agency and the time leading up and surrounding both. 

There will be a ton of rumors. Some true, many false and most will be denied and scoffed at. 

Here's one: 

I feel the need to point out that I know of Dan Sileo but do know him.  I also know he has a lot of connections, but I've heard that many in the media industry are skeptical about his track record and claims. 

That's not for me to judge until I 100% know or something reasonably close to that.

 He's a member of the  media who was drafted in the NFL and played at the University of Miami. 

We should point out that Sileo also is tweeting about this, which could factor into the Redskins veteran quarterback possibilities. 

Now this summary from Barstool Sports pointed out to me by a good dude here. There's been all sorts of speculation about Joe Burrow not wanting to go to the Bengals. It was strong last week and it's not going away. 

The question I am most interested in is this: How does this affect the Redskins?  

We've covered many of the possibilities that revolve around the No. 2 overall pick in recent weeks. 

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Lazy reporting, only thing Burrow has said even remotely close to not wanting to be a Bengal is that he wants to play for a team committed to winning. Now everyone who reads or hears that automatically assumes he doesn't want to be drafted by the Bengals. Get your facts straight just because one outlet decides to overreact everyone else wants to jump on board. Lazy reporting you should be fired

No. 1-2

Chase Young for the Skins ! HTTR from SEATTLE!