The Real Reasons the Redskins Offense Stinks!


The Redskins have NOT scored a touchdown since mid-October. We're approaching mid-November and will be past that mark, the next time they have a chance to get into the end zone.

There's a lot of reasons as we discussed and wrote about earlier this week.

Sadly, many Redskins fans and media think (wrongly) that it's because the Redskins are running the football too much. 

That's incorrect. We've proven it is incorrect and ask you kindly to adjust your thinking. 

There's two huge reasons that we have not addressed in detail so far. Until now.  

3rd down conversions and the Redskins futile red zone attack. 

The Redskins are a brutal 22/91 on the money down. That's a 24.2% clip and ranked. 31st. The NFL average is 39.13% .

In the red zone, Washington is only converting 35.29% of their opportunities. The NFL average is 55.42%. 

Somehow the Jaguars (34.48%) and the winless Bengals are worse (33.33%) entering week 10 in the red zone area.

In the red zone, per, the Redskins have run 55 plays and only gained 2.66 yards per play. They've been brutal running (21-31), 1.5 per attempt with a touchdown. When throwing, they are (18-31), 58.1% for 104 yards and five touchdowns with no picks and three sacks.

Clearly, they've been better passing than running inside the opponent's 20, but they are far from great in that area. They also haven't scored a touchdown in the red zone of any kind since September 23rd against the Bears. That's six games without a red zone touchdown.

The "good" news continues for the Redskins as they aren't the worst team in the NFL on third-down either. They're second to last. No. 32 is the Jets at 22.77% who the Redskins face next Sunday. 

On 3rd down's this year - Redskins quarterbacks are a brutal (38-70), 54.3%, 351 yards, a 5.0 yards per attempt average, one touchdown pass, three interceptions and 11 sacks. ELEVEN on 81 pass drop backs. 

The combination of being awful on third down and dreadful in the red zone are the two main reasons (for the entire season) that the Redskins offense absolutely stinks.

Of course, running the ball better helps make it easier to convert on the most important down in football. That's part of the reason Bill Callahan is focused on this element. Washington is averaging 4.70 per rush attempt since he's taken over. 

The running game figures only to get way better if Derrius Guice can stay healthy and contribute, as he returns from injured reserve. 

A theory that exists in the analytics community is that you shouldn't run the ball so much on first down, because it hurts your offense and makes third down much harder. I agree that you shouldn't be 60/40 or more in favor of run. That's too much of a tendency.

However, as I continue to point out - in order to be good on first down, you have to do what you do best.

This year, with so much instability at quarterback, play-caller and philosophy, the Redskins are averaging 3.8 yards per attempt on first down runs and they've run 114 times.

On first down passing attempts, they are (52-85), 61.2% for 479 yards, a 5.6 yards per attempt average with no touchdowns, three interceptions and seven sacks. That's no bueno in either department but the rushing numbers are better in my opinion than the passing numbers on first down.

As we continue to do, theories need to be exposed and proven true or false. We hope that you will join us in the revolution against false theories, agendas and football conspiracies.

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It’s a shaky offensive line with minimal weapons outside the hash marks and under center.