Trent's Agent: "Those guys don't know what they're doing."

Chris Russell

The agent for Trent Williams, Vince Taylor, was a guest of my friends and colleagues Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The FAN Thursday morning.

Grant & Danny Exclusive: Trent Williams' agent sets record straight

Trent Williams' agent Vince Taylor speaks exclusively to 106.7 The Fan's Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier about his client's ongoing impasses with the Redskins. Taylor sets the record straight about his client's contract demands, saying an offer from another team of $16 million in average annual salary (AAV) would not hold up any deal on their end, despite reports suggesting otherwise.

He's been the driving force behind his client's desire to move on from the Redskins.

Quite simply - Taylor dropped the hammer on new Redskins Head Coach Ron Rivera. Not Kyle Smith. Dan Snyder? Nope. Not even really Bruce Allen and/or Eric Schaffer, who are no longer with the organization.

Taylor said that his client has "no relationship" with Rivera and said he was told by one unidentified team that "those guys don't know what they are doing."

I presume Taylor meant Rivera and Smith, his de facto general manager.

Taylor was upset that Rivera and the new Redskins regime met with now Seahawks Tight End, Greg Olsen first. He said he reached out to the Redskins and Rivera "three or four times" before getting a response and setting up a meeting.

When the two met, Taylor explained, Williams approached the meeting "to hopefully have a reconciliation" but Rivera apparently told Williams "in essence, [he} wanted him to prove himself."

Assuming this is true, Rivera handled Williams like he essentially handled Quinton Dunbar and others.

Players don't like feeling disrespected or that they have to prove themselves when their track record is well established.

Coaches and new bosses don't automatically throw bouquets of roses at players and people that they they don't know and haven't worked with.

In my eyes, I completely understand where Rivera is/was coming from.

He owed nothing to Williams. He's trying to give everyone a blank canvas, treat everyone the same and fairly, while conducting a huge overhaul of football operations.

Rivera was under no obligation to meet with Williams first. Could he have? Yes. Should he have? That's debatable.

Perhaps it would have been the nice thing to do because there are many that believe you cannot treat every asset the same.

My sense is this: Rivera probably treats assets differently when he knows them and when they form a bond. I'm guessing he didn't treat Cam Newton the exact same way that he treated Eric Reid.

Taylor repeatedly said that Williams contract situation "has never been a hold up."

The problem with that? Williams himself said repeatedly last October and November that he wanted guaranteed money in order to play.

It may not be a hold up for Taylor. It was and is for the Redskins.

Paulsen and Rouhier asked Taylor about the report that Williams was looking for $20 million per year on a new contract, that was originally reported by John Keim of ESPN. 

Taylor disputed that strongly. "That is not true. That is totally false."

However, when Paulsen doubled down and asked if a team like the Cleveland Browns were to want to only pay $16 million per year in a trade, Taylor awkwardly mentioned that they would have to talk about the situation, but "that would not be a holdup for us."

That's good! I was told by a well-informed source recently that the market league wide is shrinking by the day for Williams, not to mention this problem that we wrote about earlier. 

Now - if we're to believe that Williams would be willing to play for the left tackle market money (about 16 million per year), the chance would significantly go up of a trade.

The problem is I don't believe that. I don't think the Redskins believe that. I don't think you should believe that. Especially when Lane Johnson, a right tackle, just got paid and is going to average $18 million per season.

"We have had legitimate trade partners. Our deal is in place. One day it's this. The next day it's that," Taylor told 106.7 The FAN of the Redskins apparent approach.

He further added: "The compensation they were asking for was totally absurd - I've had two teams tell me that."

Taylor pointed out that his client is a "young man stricken with a disability" who just wants to resume his NFL career and then come back one day to be inducted in the Redskins ring of fame.

The problem with that? How does Dan Snyder feel right now about Williams? The simple answer is we don't know. The more truthful answer is this: Snyder was furious at how Williams handled his business last fall. We've said this repeatedly in this space.

That's why he allowed Bruce Allen to put Williams on the NFI list without any money paid out, a point not lost on Taylor. Taylor actually compared Williams situation to that of Jason Pierre Paul who received money when put on the same list for blowing his fingers off in a fireworks accident.

Also, if Snyder was interfering with Rivera and Smith running the football operations or if he was equally as fond of Williams as Trent seems to be of Snyder, why would the top boss not do anything to try and get Williams back in the fold?

The answer is it's not happening because either Snyder is still unhappy with Williams OR he's truly letting Rivera and Smith make all the decisions, which we've also reported. Perhaps it's both. 

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Anyone think Redskins are just biding time until the draft?
Trade down in the draft with Miami, get their three first round picks and they get the number two pick and Williams.
Saves face for everyone. Redskins can claim they got a first round pick for TW and he can think he was worth one.
Miami has the cap room to sign TW to a longer deal.

No. 1-3

I have a great idea! I would encourage the Redskins to just sit on the sidelines, do nothing, and let Trent Williams become the next Colin Kapernick! If TW wants to continue to be a problem, see how that works out for him.

Kentucky Skins
Kentucky Skins

This situation is like a marriage that has gone terribly bad. The wife wants out of the relationship but is not using her common sense as to how much she is worth to another suitor. The husband has done everything he possibly do to save the relationship. The wife demands that that unless the husband will promise that Mr. Green is present to help her negotiate and save the relationship. It is time that the wife starts using her common sense. The other 31 suitors are hesitant to negotiate with the wife because she is demanding that Mr. Green handles her side of the negotiation. Mr Green is now saying that the other 31 suitors seem to be just as dumb as the husband.