Tua on Tape with Trent!

Chris Russell

Not that Trent. Let's just establish that off the top. Now that I have you here, please consider this.

Tua Tagovailoa is the true mystery man of the draft. 

His talent and leadership is tantalizing. His injury history is a potential (realistic) nightmare. 

One day - his stock is up. The next day it's down and we're finding out he failed at least one physical. 

Then we get this: His "pro-day" workout, which the Redskins obviously would have attended, went like this according to his mentor, Trent Dilfer. 

So you have that report balanced with this chicken nugget from Dilfer Dimes via TMZ and The Washington Post. 

Hall of Fame? You don't say. Can the kid play one game first?

On the payroll is what you should remember before you think about anything else. 

Then there's this from Tagovailoa's agent, Leigh Steinberg, who by all accounts seems like a terrific person who has overcome some significant challenges in life. 

Again, Steinberg can say that and should say that. He's his AGENT. 

But this should assure everyone that Tagovailoa must be drafted at any and all risks. 

Could you imagine if this was a typical offseason and Tagovailoa couldn't practice with his team as a top-five pick? What a nightmare! 

Thank goodness he'll be ready to rock and roll in August. So will defenders trying to break him in two. 

All of this fluff is exactly designed to counter what Michael Lombardi said on his podcast and what we've been talking about for months.