Where There's Smoke - There's Fire?

Chris Russell

The list of failures is like a roll-call of ineptitude that you want to file a divorce from as quickly as possible.

The Redskins were eliminated from the 2019 NFL Playoffs with a loss Sunday. No surprise there. They've won only three games.

They've missed the playoffs in 22-of-the-last-27 seasons. 

In 16-of-21 seasons of ownership under Dan Snyder, the Redskins have not made the playoffs. 

They are 142-190-1 under Snyder's reign. 

The Redskins have won two playoff games in those 21 years. 

Under President/General Manager Bruce Allen, the Redskins have missed the playoffs eight times in his now 10 years. 

This will be the first season since 2014 that the Redskins will not have seven wins or more. 

In Allen's decade and change in charge, the Redskins are (62-97-1) if you include the final three games of 2009 which came after he was hired.  Add in the playoffs (0-2) and one more loss, would get you to the century mark. 

That could happen this upcoming Sunday at FedExField, where so many ugly losses have gone down, just days shy of Allen's actual 10-year anniversary. 

The question now seems when - not if - Bruce Allen will depart from the Redskins organization. The clock seems to be ticking at warp speed.

The rumors have been simmering. Jason LaCanfora added some gas to the fire on Sunday morning. 

I heard from sources on the ground in Green Bay that things were "red-hot" and it was an extremely tense day before the game and after the loss to the Packers. 

On my post-game radio show on 106.7 The FAN, Radio.com and TheFANDC.com/listen, I said the following:

The Redskins are not going to acknowledge anything, nor do they need to. LaCanfora mentioned the league meetings which are set to take place this week and could be the scene to create big news for the future.

I've said for the last week plus that I believe Allen would be gone, but by "retirement" to avoid a firing or 'mutually parting ways" but it's highly doubtful that Allen would "retire" this week. 

Nobody knows for sure except that there's no way Snyder can justify Allen's employment anymore. His organization is ruined. His business is gushing blood. The NFL is not happy. The minority owners are not happy. The fan and customer base absolutely loathes everything associated with Allen and Snyder. 

It's time. Friendships and name legacies be damned. Do the right thing, Dan. Do the thing you should have done a long time ago. 

Chris Russell is the Publisher of Maven & Sports Illustrated's Washington Redskins channel. He can be heard on 106.7 The FAN in the Washington D.C. area and world-wide on Radio.com. Chris also hosts the "Locked on Redskins" Podcast and can be read via subscription to Warpath Magazine. You can e-mail Chris at russellmania09@Gmail.com or follow him on Twitter at @Russellmania621.

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If Allen leaves, I hope Snyder finds a GM with expertise on the NFL level. No more trainees at this stage. Ozzie would be a thought.


Dan is his own worst obstacle. Since he's owned the team, he's run it like fantasy football. He clearly needs to sell the team to a more football-minded owner.